Addiction Detox Centers is an advocate for people suffering from drug and alcohol dependency.


Addiction Detox Centers is more than just an organization that wants to treat people. It has a compelling desire to save our communities from the nightmare of addiction. The current Executive Director has committed to changing the way we treat its clients in need because it has affected his life twice over the past 6 years.  First was the horrific murder of a family member by drug dealers and an addict.  Here’s how the story goes:

His name was Michael. He was a kind, gentle man (age 38) and known by many as a person who was just too kind and trusting. On October 12 , 2012 Michael received a call from, what he thought was a close friend, stating that she needed his help. This “friend” had been struggling with drug addiction. Michael had never done drugs nor had he been even a drinker. He was good to the core, so when he received the call there was no doubt that he’d go immediately to help. That was the last day of his life. The “friend,” as we will refer to her here, and her Heroin dealer planned Michael’s murder to help pay off debt she owed the dealer for an addiction so severe that it cost her $400 to $500 a day to sustain. They forced Michael into the apartment at gunpoint and beat him during a violent struggle before strangling him with a cable.  After he was dead, the “friend” trimmed his fingernails and scrubbed his fingertips with bleach because she worried that when he scratched her during the struggle, her DNA may have been left behind.  They also cut the clothes from his body to get rid of evidence, stuffed his body in a trash bag. They stole his truck, wallet, and other personal effects that could be pawned and tossed his body along side of a road  not far from the crime scene.  They were found, arrested, tried, and now serving time in prison.

Our second drive is simply stated by explaining that a family member fell in love with the a  guy who introduced her to a “good time” and its name was Heroin.  It began with snorting, then injecting, and then the life spiraled out of control. She’s given birth to an addicted baby, has served numerous jail sentences, and now is incarcerated in prison. Again, stories you hear across each and every state in the Union, from the rich as well as the poor. It affects us all and is at tragic proportions.  Where does it stop. How can we make a difference?


All of our partnering centers are accredited by the Joint Commission & National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers.

By treating the whole person using modern treatment methods and alternative treatment approaches that heal body, mind and spirit. We are known for our ability to place patients in the best treatment environment that promotes healing and recovery. In most cases there are co-occurring and underlying issues for why people use drugs or alcohol. Addiction Detox Centers will help identify and provide treatment that garners results!

If you are a 45 yr old women with an alcohol addiction, why go to a facility that treats mainly 23 yr old men with Heroin addiction; and vise versa?
We can place you in the environment that get results and heals you. We pride ourselves in helping you recover from addiction. Our network of partners treat the whole person using modern treatment technics and alternative treatment approaches that heal body, mind and spirit.

The beautiful settings, programs and residences provide clients a safe place to heal, free from distractions, where they can address the underlying issues among a group of other addicts experiencing the same addiction.
Our partner centers specialize in the treatment of addiction and co-occurring disorders such as depression, anxiety, trauma, and related emotional issues. They draw upon a variety of treatment approaches including behavioristic, psychoanalytic, humanistic and transpersonal therapies as well as complementary alternative methodologies. Eastern medicine, yoga, the 12 Steps process are also key components of addiction treatment program.
Most program’s small size allows them to get to know every client and to design fully customized individual treatment plans. Clients receive an unparalleled amount of one-on-one care with frequent individual therapy sessions and participate in small therapeutic and educational groups. Throughout the week, they may offer healing activities such as yoga, creative art therapy, and equestrian and massage therapy.

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