Alcohol Addiction – Get Help Today

Alcohol Addiction – Get Help Today

It may have started as a few social drinks with friends, maybe it was what eased the stress of the day or made life’s problems seem okay. But now it is effecting your everyday life. It may seem impossible to go back, to fix the damage that has been done to your life and your loved ones. Addiction Detox Centers understand your dilemma, we help people in the same circumstances every day. You’re not alone and we can help.

Finding the help you need to recuperate is difficult. You may feel like you’re standing at the bottom of a mountain wondering how you’ll make it to the top. Most people can’t do it alone, that’s why Addiction Detox Centers is such a successful resource to help you on your journey. We provide individualized placement based on your circumstances and background. We take the time to get to know you and make specialized arrangements to help you make it to the top.


Alcoholism is an endless abuse that evolves into a lifestyle. Addiction is developed when a person feels that alcohol will improve their functions of certain tasks. Finding it difficult to relax or have a good time without alcohol is a key identifier of alcoholism. Dr. Nick Sheron, a Liver Specialist at Southampton University describes alcoholism as a spectrum. “At one end of the spectrum you have people that are mildly dependent, those are the people that can’t conceive of a Friday night without having enough drinks to get a little tipsy. At the other end, you have people where alcohol is more important than their jobs, their families, than pretty much anything including being alive.” Sheron explains that the frequency of consumption builds tolerance and the brain requires more alcohol to get the same effect. “Part of this dependence is because the wiring of the brain changes with frequent consumption of alcohol. This change makes you less able to drink in a controlled way.”

No matter where you find yourself on the spectrum, chances are, you’re reading this because alcohol has affected the life of you or a loved one. At Addiction Detox Centers we are experts in all cases of alcohol addiction and can personalize arrangements that fit your needs.

Alcoholism is caused by many different factors and while symptoms of the disorder may be similar, there are many reasons why a person can slip into alcoholism. Sometimes they are trying to treat an underlying disorder such as bipolar disorder or depression. Other people use alcohol to forget past trauma or because more effective coping mechanisms haven’t been taught. Whatever the cause, Addiction Detox Centers is ready to help you help yourself. Our specially-trained therapists have spent years helping people get sober and stay sober. Alcoholism is a highly complex disorder and uncovering the reason for abuse is extremely hard without a properly trained professional. We are here to help you uncover those reasons. We will provide the resources you need and the support that you want during your stay with us. We are committed to providing the best resources and treatment to help you heal and grow.

Why Consider Inpatient Treatment at Addiction Detox Centers

You may have an idea of what inpatient care centers are, and these ideas may be scaring you away from treatment. But not all treatment centers are the same and our intake staff work as your personal specialist to make the most comfortable arrangements for you. We take the time to learn what kind of atmosphere you would like from your inpatient care and place you in the best suited center. You will always have a staff member to turn to when you’re feeling alone or vulnerable.


Program Philosophy and Benefits

At Addiction Detox Centers we provide you with a full spectrum of treatment options to best fit your needs. We will spend as much time as needed getting to know you as a person in order to fully understand how we can help you heal.

Our team of professionals use the most comprehensive and up-to-date care available using scientifically proven treatments. Our goal is to find you a treatment plan that works and get you back to a successful life as a productive, happy and sober person.

If you feel that you are in a crisis or having thoughts of harming yourself or others please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room immediately.

Types of Therapy We Use to Treat Alcoholism

We use a number of treatment types to free you from alcoholism. The first stage of treatment is alcohol detoxification. This includes three steps.

  1. Evaluation- In this step, we will determine which drugs are in your system as many people use alcohol in addition to other drugs. We will also identify any other disorders or underlying causes of alcohol abuse. We call this co-occurring disorder and/or dual diagnosis.
  2. Stabilization- As we guide you through detoxification we will make you as comfortable as possible. We help you manage your feelings and often use medication to help alleviate the discomfort of withdraw symptoms.
  3. Guidance into Treatment- Once you rid your body of drugs and alcohol we prepare and educate you for long-term treatment. You will set goals and develop a plan with your treatment team based around the 12 step model of addiction.
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We will closely monitor any medical conditions caused by addiction and ensure they are properly managed and treated. Most people find a combination of medication and therapies to be most effective. Medication and medical monitoring may be used in short-term to help ease the effects of withdraw or in long-term to treat underlying disorders. In treatment you will learn coping strategies to reduce or supplement completely the use of medication based on recommendations from your treatment team. In addition to medication, there are many other treatment types we use at Addiction Detox Centers. These include: family sessions, group therapy, individual therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, strength-based counseling, medical management and experiential programs.

We consider family therapy vital to the healing process and we include loved ones in the healing process. Much of family therapy pertains to life after rehabilitation and root causes of alcoholism. We also discuss loved-one’s coping mechanisms and feelings towards the patient’s alcohol abuse. In addition, we educate family members on treatments and ways to help you in your recovery. We connect families to resources, such as Al-Anon to allow you to continue healing after discharge.

Individual Therapy focuses largely on the affects alcoholism has had on your life and explores underlying causes of abuse. These identifiers include triggers to stress and anxiety, coping strategies and how to repair the damages alcohol has caused in relationship and at work.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy is used to identify the way you think and associate things in your everyday life. It is crucial in identifying perspective and how to bring light to the underlying issues that may have caused alcohol addiction. It helps identify triggers and teaches problem-solving skills to cope with these triggers for quicker recovery.

Strength-Based Counseling helps the patient identify his/her strengths and how to use them in recovery. Strength-Based counseling will teach you how to use these strengths in problem solving. You are the most important key to your own recovery and strength based counseling will help you build the tools you need to be successful.

Group Therapy will likely be recommended from your treatment team. Our group therapies are a combination of Process-Based and Psycho-Educational groups. Process-Based groups are focused on a common theme, such as alcoholism or any co-occurring problems you struggle with. Psycho-Educational groups are designed for education on a specific criteria, such as medications you’ll be taking, symptoms of alcohol abuse or social relationships. Others may focus on stress management or relapse prevention.

In addition to standard therapies to address alcoholism, we offer a wide variety of experiential programs, including:

  • Recreational Programs
  • Expressive Therapy
  • Nutrition and Wellness Therapy
  • A. and A.A.
  • Music Therapy
  • Art Therapy

At Addiction Detox Centers we believe YOU are the key to changing your future. It’s time to open the door to your new future.

Continuing Care – What Comes Next?

Once your treatment team decide you have completed your program and no longer need the care and structure of inpatient treatment you will work with the team to create a post-discharge plan of action. During this planning process we will make certain you are comfortable with the changes and are completely ready for the next step in your treatment. If you are not ready to leave inpatient care we will work to find a residential program for you. In the case that you want to continue the structure of an inpatient program you may decide to join a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) or Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). Many benefit from this type of step-down care.

If you are discharging to your home or with a loved one we will supply you with community resources in your location to best continue your treatment plan. This includes; locating health care providers, psychiatrists and other support in your area.

Addiction is a very real disease. With our help, you can conquer it.

If you or someone you love is suffering from alcoholism, please call Addiction Detox Centers at 866-671-5101 for a confidential consultation. We will help you decide the most effective and comfortable plan of action.