Heroin Detox

Heroin detoxification or ‘heroin detox’ is used to primarily cleanse the body from its addiction. Detoxification is not meant to treat addiction, it is to assist an individual to achieve a drug-free life. Heroin detox, should be conducted under the care of healthcare professional because of its potential deadly side effects. Seeking the assistance of healthcare professionals in an authorized facility can support you through the withdraw process in a safe and comfortable environment. During detoxification, emotional and physical changes occur to the body that can be extremely painful and life threatening. At Addiction Detox Centers, a full restorative evaluation will be conducted to determine what program best fits their need based on heroin’s usage and habits. Detox may be achieved without the use of medications, in some cases drugs may be prescribed or administered to ease the withdraw symptoms. These evaluations and treatment programs are conducted by our licensed medical personnel to ensure a successful and health transition to recovery. At Addiction Detox Centers, clients are placed in a comfortable environment with a team of physicians, nurses, and other staff to assist in breaking the drug dependency.

Drug dependence and withdrawal symptoms

Drug detoxification varies depending on the treatment at Addiction Detox Centers, counseling and therapy are combined to help with the consequences of withdrawal.

Withdrawal symptoms experienced by abusers and addicts can begin to experience withdraw symptoms as early as a day after the use has stopped. These withdrawal systems may include: intense drug cravings, profuse sweating, severe muscle and bone aches, nausea and vomiting, feeling of heaviness, intense muscle cramping, depression, cold sweats, chills, diarrhea, and fever.

Detoxification with the help of Addiction Detox Centers Healthcare Professionals

When an addict is deprived of narcotics his organism become stressed. Our healthcare team provides the best care for their guests going through this process. Comfortable surroundings, pleasant and caring staff, provides the medical attention without the discomfort of a hospital environment. You’ll find luxury beds, delicious food, and staff support around the clock. Our goal is to help you break your chemical dependency as a safely and as comfortable as possible. Our in-house program allows the medical team to begin working to improve your life in a drug-free environment. Call today to speak to a counselor and take back control of your life.