Insurance Verification

Insurance Coverage Verification

We know money is a concern. That’s why we are experts at understanding the ins and outs of nearly every type of insurance out there. We know who accepts what and how to ensure that no extra money comes out of your pocket. We’ve built up a portfolio of facilities that accept just about every insurance plan there is, whether it be through your employer, the state, or an independent policy.

An easy way to take the first step is to allow us to verify your benefits so that we can tell you exactly what your insurance will cover.  In filling out the form below, it will also allow us to get a good idea as to what treatment centers may be most realistic based on the insurance you carry.  Upon completion of the form, one of our specialists will verify your benefits and get in touch with you to discuss your rehab options.

Not sure your insurance provider offers rehab coverage? Please give us a call today and we will find out if you qualify to go to treatment for FREE and what type of coverage you have.
For insurance questions, or to apply for financial assistance please call866-671-5101

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